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Shoe Storage - 10 Pack Plastic Shoe Storage Boxes - Clear

Shoe Storage - 10 Pack Plastic Shoe Storage Boxes - Clear

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Spacecrafters 10 Pack Shoe Boxes - Simple Shoe Storage Keep shoes organized easily with Spacecrafters. These boxes are clear, fit up to size 14 shoes, and are great for everyone. Open them quickly with the magnetic side. They're made of strong, waterproof PET and are easy to clean. Use them for shoes or other items like hats and bags. They measure 14.2 x 11.4 x 8.7 inches and stack to save space. Spacecrafters offers a 30-day guarantee and customer support. Key Points: Clear Storage: Easy to see your shoes. Big Size Fit: Up to men's size 14. Easy Open: Magnetic side. Durable: Strong, waterproof PET. Multi-Use: Good for shoes and more. Spacecrafters Shoe Boxes: For neat, easy storage.

  • Smart Shoe Storage: Make the most of your space. Our 10 Pack organizers fit several pairs of shoes, from small to men's size 14, and can be stacked for multi-tiered storage.

  • Tough Build: Made with heavy-duty plastic, these boxes are built to last. They don't bend or break, keeping shoes safe.

  • Modern Look: With clear and dark options, these boxes add style to any space.

  • Magnetic Door: Easy side access keeps shoes dust-free.

  • Stack and Store: Pile them up to as many tiers as you need, saving you space and making your shoe collection look great.

  • Enhance your home with SpaceCrafters sleek, reliable shoe storage solutions.
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