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Bath Bombs Set - 7 Unique Scents for Relaxing Spa Experience Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Bath Bombs Set - 7 Unique Scents for Relaxing Spa Experience Perfect Mother's Day Gift

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Aofmee bath bombs sets can burst with vibrant colors and zesty sounds. The color change process can be visualized when colors are mixed in the bath, such as yellow + red = orange. There are baths that emit lavender, vanilla, rose, ocean and more. Hypoallergenic will make children feel safe and clean. But it's fun for kids. the Aofmee bath set transforms bath time into a fun, engaging, learning time through sensory play, as a collection of traditional children's bath forms are re-imagined as unique color and fragrance experiences.

Ib Bath Bomb Gift Set: A luxurious collection perfect for any occasion. Ideal for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and more.

7 Unique Bath Bombs: Each handcrafted bomb is 2.5 oz and 2 inches in diameter, designed to provide a relaxing and aromatic experience with the Ib fragrance series.

Scents & Colors:
• Vanilla: Soothing

• Chamomile: Relaxing

• Mint: Refreshing

• Green Tea: Reviving

• Rose: Romantic

• Lavender: Restoring

• Ocean: Rejuvenating

Skin-Friendly: Nourishing and moisturizing, suitable for all ages and skin types. Infused with the enriching Ib fragrance series for a safe and delightful bath experience.

Enjoy a serene Soothe & Sleep ambiance with our specially crafted bath bombs.

Age Range: Suitable for children

• Recommended Uses: For relaxation

• Product Benefits: Offers a relaxing experience, can be used for aromatherapy, and provides moisturizing effects

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